Vietnam Beauty

Feb 20th
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Vietnam culture value

Vietnam culture value to the World...

“Tò he”, traditional toys in Vietnam

“Tò he”, traditional toys in Vietnam "Tò he" toys are sculptured figurines fashioned from colored rice dough, that make not only Vietnamese children but also adults feel so interesting... Read more >>

"Danh du" (Swings)

"Danh du" (Swings) have been traditional game at Vietnamese village festivals for centuries. Read more >>

"Mam Ngu Qua" sends Tet traditional flavours

Tet Nguyen Dan , more commonly known by its shortened name Tet , is the most important and popular holida... Read more >>

A traditional craft village in Thai Binh

A traditional craft village in Thai Binh Thai Binh Province is not only acknowledged as a rice f... Read more >>

The Meaning of “Cay Neu”

The Meaning of “Cay Neu” Tet Nguyen Dan is the Lunar New Year Festival and is the most important Vietnamese holiday. Tet is the celebration of the beginning of spring as well as... Read more >>

Vietnamese custom of betel chewing

Vietnamese custom of betel chewing “Betel leaves and areca nuts were offered as a first conversation starter to guests”... Thousand year-old tradition of betel chewing constitutes an... Read more >>

Social relationships in Vietnam

Social relationships in Vietnam The desire to achieve harmony between the self and the non-self remains an essential preoccupation of the Vietnamese in interpersonal relations outsid... Read more >>

Communicating with Vietnamese people

Communicating with Vietnamese people The Vietnamese people value modesty and humility as well as harmonious relations with others. Seeking to avoid conflict in relationships, they often p... Read more >>

Vietnamese traditional family values!

Vietnamese traditional family values! What is success? “Success is simple, more simple than you often think, success comes when dad and son try to cook a favorite dish for mother on Moth... Read more >>
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