Vietnam Beauty

Feb 23rd
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Vietnam culture value

Vietnam culture value to the World...

Vietnamese spiritual life!

   Vietnamese spiritual life! Spiritual life is a belief or practice irrationally maintained by ignorance or by faith in magic or chance. It is totally unscientific; however, there is a lot superstitious culture on over the world. Different spiritual life will be found in different countries. Asia which is a cradle of the world’s culture has a lot of mystery, legend of super natural power. Vietnam is one of Asian countries; so there are many superstitious people and culture in my country Vietnam.  In Asian societies, particularly Vietnamese society, people have a habit of being superstitious and this has been part of their daily life. On such occasions as marriages, funerals and open new house, people will try to choose a propitious date. Read more >>

Cyclo - a breath in Vietnamese life

Cyclo - a breath in Vietnamese life It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honored and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done... Read more >>

Vietnam’s past Educational System

In comparison with other developing countries, Việt Nam's population enjoys a relatively high standa... Read more >>
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