Vietnam Beauty

Feb 23rd
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Vietnamese Culture

T’rung - The traditional folk-musical instrument

T’rung - The traditional folk-musical instrument As one of the most popular folk-music instrument of ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, T’rung is considered the symbol of Vietnam’s ethnic minority life  MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 T'rung is one of the popular musical instruments closely associated with the spiritual life of the Bahnar, TSedan, Giarai, Ede and other ethnic minority groups in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is made of short bamboo tubes differing in size, with a notch at one end and a beveled edge at the other. The long big tubes give off low-pitched tones while the short small ones produce high-pitched tones. The tubes are arranged lengthwise horizontally and attached together by two strings. Read more >>


Christianity As the creator of the Romanised written form of the Vietnamese language, Alexandre de Rhodes could justifiably be considered as one of the founding fa... Read more >>

Dong Ho Painting

Dong Ho Painting Dong Ho pictures are printed on a special kind of Dzo paper. The printing paper is made of bark of a tree called "Dzo". Artists use pine leave brushes... Read more >>

Ao Yem, the indispensable dress of ancient girls

Ao Yem, the indispensable dress of ancient girls Looking back into the historic development of national dress, Vietnam not only has “Ao Dai” but also “Ao Yem” – the indispensable dress of a... Read more >>

Ao Dai, the Vietnamese long dress

Ao Dai, the Vietnamese long dress The beauty of women dressed in “Ao Dai”always leaves a deep impression on foreign visitors to Vietnam   The beauty of women dressed in “Ao Da... Read more >>


Buddhism In theory there are three main religions in Vietnam: Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism; but in fact there is “tripple religion”, which is an amalg... Read more >>

Vietnam’s past Educational System

In comparison with other developing countries, Việt Nam's population enjoys a relatively high standa... Read more >>

Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Vietnamese Lunar New Year The festival is the best epitomizes Vietnam's cultural identity Meaning of Vietnamese New Year The festival which best epitomizes Vietnam's cultural ide... Read more >>

Funeral ceremony

Funeral ceremony "The sense of the dead is that of the final", says a Vietnamese proverb, implying that funeral ceremonies must be solemnly organized. Formerly, funeral... Read more >>
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