Vietnam Beauty

Feb 23rd
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Vietnamese Culture


Confucianism Confucianism can be considered as a social philosophy than just a normal religion. It has no church, no clergy and no bible as well. It advocates a code of social behavior that man ought to live in harmony with society and attain happiness in his individual life.  Confucianism was introduced into Vietnam early during the Chinese rule and has maintained its influence since that time. In 1072, there was a temple dedicated to Confucius and his leading 72 disciples. Located in Hanoi, this temple was called the Temple of Literature. If one of you has ever been Saigon, you can see at the Botanical Gardens a temple dedicated to Confucius called the Temple of Souvenirs. This is the site of Confucius' birthday celebration which is solemnly honored each year. What is Confucianism?As a major emphasis in its ethical system, Confucianism regulates relations between people. If there is improper conduct of these relations, it will cause disorders in the social group and therefore, throw man out of harmony with the universe. The cosmic world (heaven and earth) are in harmony and man's aim is to achieve a similar one. Vietnamese Confucianism, though without a strong formalized organization, still vitally affects nearly all ethnic Vietnamese. This is part of the cultural environment where the child is born. Read more >>

An original art of Vietnam

An original art of Vietnam According to scholars specializing in portraying art, lacquer plays the first role in traditional materials in Vietnam's painting background. Opening ... Read more >>

The "Vatican" of Caodaism

The Welcome to the world of Caodaism - an extraordinary indigenous religion that has captured the belief of over two million Vietnamese and the whimsy of ... Read more >>

A glance at Vietnamese folk painting!

A glance at Vietnamese folk painting! Folk painting is a combination of traditional cultural values with ancient artistic methods that have been created through the labor of past generatio... Read more >>

About Sao Truc (Vietnamese Bamboo Flute)

About Sao Truc (Vietnamese Bamboo Flute) Sao Truc, which is certainly Vietnam’s most well-known wind instrument with arch-form blowing hole, has long been attached to the cultural and spiritu... Read more >>

Chau van singing

Chau van singing Chau van ( or frequently called trau van ) is a religious form of art which combines singing and dancing and used for extolling the merits of beneficent ... Read more >>

Trong Com, a traditional cylindrical drum in Vietnam

Trong Com, a traditional cylindrical drum in Vietnam "How joyful to have a Tr o ng C o m; and it is an honour for those who can clap it skilfully , oohh ah bong ah bong ..." , are beautiful lyrics and melody of a famous song ... Read more >>

Dan Nhi, Vietnamese two-chord fiddle

Dan Nhi, Vietnamese two-chord fiddle With melodious sounds, Dan Nhi becomes indispensable one in a traditional musical orchestra to express the subtle mood of man's soul.   Dan Nhi is a sort of... Read more >>

Ca tru singing

Ca tru singing Perhaps, the most important catalyst in the development of contemporary Vietnamese folkloric performance was the appearance of the call-and-response d... Read more >>
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