Vietnam Beauty

Feb 23rd
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Vietnamese Culture

Social relationships in Vietnam

Social relationships in Vietnam The desire to achieve harmony between the self and the non-self remains an essential preoccupation of the Vietnamese in interpersonal relations outside the family group. The basic principles underlying family relationships are extended to the relationships between members of wider social groups.   Social relation can refer to a multitude of social interactions, regulated by social norms, between two or more people, with each having a social position and performing a social role. The concept of society as an extension of the family is evident in the transposition into social usage of a language originally intended for domestic life. Vietnamese uses more than a score of kinship terms as personal pronouns. The choice of the appropriate word depends on the relative age, social status, gender, degree of acquaintance, respect, and affection between speakers and hearers who are not related to each other by blood or marriage. Read more >>

Have you ever listened to “Nhac tien chien”?

Have you ever listened to “Nhac tien chien”? “Outside on the veranda, the autumn rain is gently falling. The somber sky is quieting, suspended clouds are scattering. Amidst the muffled wind blo... Read more >>

Communicating with Vietnamese people

Communicating with Vietnamese people The Vietnamese people value modesty and humility as well as harmonious relations with others. Seeking to avoid conflict in relationships, they often p... Read more >>

Vietnamese traditional family values!

Vietnamese traditional family values! What is success? “Success is simple, more simple than you often think, success comes when dad and son try to cook a favorite dish for mother on Moth... Read more >>

Vietnamese art (...continued)

Vietnamese art (...continued) Visual art In term of the v isual arts, painting is the most significant one. Historically speaking, Vietnamese painting is still very young. However, the ... Read more >>

Vietnamese art

Vietnamese art Compare to other Asian countries, it is not so long since Vietnamese art in general as well as contemporary Vietnamese art in particular, emerged from... Read more >>

Vietnamese spiritual life!

   Vietnamese spiritual life! Spiritual life is a belief or practice irrationally maintained by ignorance or by faith in magic or chance. It is totally unscientific; however, there... Read more >>

Vietnamese wedding ceremony!

Vietnamese wedding ceremony! The traditional Vietnamese wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in Vietnamese culture with influence from Confucian and Buddhist ideologies . It is ... Read more >>

Cyclo - a breath in Vietnamese life

Cyclo - a breath in Vietnamese life It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honored and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done... Read more >>
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