Vietnam Beauty

Feb 22nd
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Travellers' eyes

One may still wonder why Vietnam rather than others should be his/her destination on the upcoming vacation. Here come the viewpoints and remarks of several visitors elsewhere in the world to Vietnam. Let’s see how they talk about the nation!

A Visit to Dalat

A Visit to Dalat During colonial times, Dalat was the perfect holiday spot. The hill station was recommended in 1897 by the French medical doctor Alexander Yersin, and in 1912 the city proper had been founded. Because of its cool climate, it soon became a popular retreat for Europeans who wanted to escape the often oppressive heat of the coastal cities and the Mekong Delta. Sometimes nicknamed the "Paris of the East," it included all the amenities necessary for the social life of the colonial gentry. Access was vastly improved with the opening of the Cremaillere Railway in 1928. It linked Dalat with the main railway at Thap Cham, near Phan Rang. Due to repeated Viet Cong attacks, the railway was closed down in 1964. Today, the line has been partially repaired, but only the first three miles are operated as a tourist attraction. Read more >>

Lost in Nha Trang

Lost in Nha Trang I am almost loath to write about Nha Trang. True, its firmly established on the well-worn tourist route on Vietnam's South-east coast, and is one of t... Read more >>

Trail Mix: Sapa Strolls, Treks and Scenic Drives

Trail Mix: Sapa Strolls, Treks and Scenic Drives Most visitors to Sapa end up wishing they could spend more time there, and no wonder -- this highland town in northern Vietnam has got it all, from sp... Read more >>
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