Vietnam Beauty

Feb 20th
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Vietnamese Drink

Vietnamese Drink - it is easy for tourists to look for a reasonable price drink such as beer, wine, coffee, tea, etc. in Vietnam...

Hanoi’s coffee culture, like no other

Hanoi’s coffee culture, like no other Sai Gon has coffee on high floor, and under ground, etc., whereas Hanoi has street coffee and traditional cafeteria. The competition between Trung Nguyen coffee system, modern Cappuccino coffee and traditional coffee is still equal. This reveals that the Hanoians retain some uniqueness of their ancient lifestyle. Coffee and the Hanoians The Hanoians drink a lot of the dark, caffeinated beverage and prefer sipping their stronger blends outside in front of a small shop with some sweet milk and a spoonful of sugar. Every morning, on hot days of summer and cold and dull days of winter, you can easily see some here with a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Read more >>
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