Vietnam Beauty

Feb 23rd
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Food & Drink

Corn noodles in Vietnam?

Corn noodles in Vietnam? Corn noodles? Never heard of them - what are they, where can you get them and how do they taste? The corn noodles are really great! Corn noodles are made from corn and is very delicious and sweet-tasting if noodle makers use the corn from the Tuy An and Dong Xuan areas of the central province of Phu Yen. For a long time, corn noodles were a traditional product of the Tuy An people. Over 90 percent of the population of Tuy An made corn noodles; however, in modern times young people have not followed family traditions. At present, only a few families remain making corn noodles in this area. Visitors will have a chance to taste corn noodles during festivals or Lunar New Year. Corn noodle soup is quite different from other soups as the soup is cooked with Giang leaf and goby fish which is caught at the O Loan lagoon. If you do not have time to follow the traditional recipe, mixing fish sauce with chili then adding the mixed fish sauce to the broth and the corn noodles will make a satisfactory variation. If you prefer vegetarian cuisine, you can try the following recipe step by step to make your noodle soup pretty good! Read more >>

Strange foods - why don’t you try?

Strange foods - why don’t you try? Western culture considers that eating a dog is not good, but there will be no problem with other sorts of animals, as long as they are not called pets... Read more >>

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up! In Hanoi, you can find the simplest corner bar on Earth with tiny plastic stools on the sidewalk, small tables on the ground, laden with glasses of be... Read more >>

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine Food and eating habit are one of criterions to value a nation’s culture, life as well as living standard. To some people, value a dish isn’t simpl... Read more >>

Vietnamese wine

Vietnamese wine When we say that Vietnam is warming with reds these days, we aren't making a political statement, of course. We're talking about wine. With the easing... Read more >>

Come to My Tho for tasting Hu Tieu

Come to My Tho for tasting Hu Tieu Hu Tieu ( My Tho noodle soup) is a traditional dish, so specific to Southern Vietnam . As a Chinese long-aged dish, this food was reciped to taste My Tho...

Bun (rice vermicelli), the origin for many Vietnamese delicious dishes!

Bun (rice vermicelli), the origin for many Vietnamese delicious dishes! Bun (Rice vermicelli) is made of rice flour which is turned into small, circular and white threads wrapped up into small coils called Con Bun. Vietname... Read more >>

“Cơm Việt” – a different taste!

“Cơm Việt” – a different taste! If you have ever tried “Cơm Việt” (Vietnamese plain boiled rice), you will find the difference from the boiled rice in other countries! Read more >>

Vegetarian eating in Vietnam – same, same but different!

Vegetarian eating in Vietnam – same, same but different! Vietnam is not only a rather peculiar country of North Asia with extremely friendly and helpful people but its vegetarian regional menu is also worth d... Read more >>
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