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Dec 16th
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Vietnam overview - Vietnam Overview 3

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How to get visa to Vietnam

In order to enter Vietnam, travelers need Vietnam visas. There are two ways to get a Vietnam visa depending on your method of arrival. For those who travel by air, getting a visa on arrival is considered the best way. For this method, you do not need to visit Vietnam Embassy in your country; all you have to do is to go online at a prestigious travel agency, which will process you entry procedure. Your visa then will be stamped at Vietnam International Airports on arrival.

Another way to get Vietnam visa is to visit Vietnam Embassy at your country. For this method, you need to send off your original passport with longer time of processing.

So, it depends on whether you want it fast or not, cheaper or not, and more convenient or not to choose the best way of getting a Vietnam entry visa!



Accommodation arrangement is one among the most concerning issue when traveling to Vietnam. Vietnam offers a wide range of accommodation satisfying the needs of different classes of travelers. With reasonable prices and good quality, Vietnam hotels network is a great choice for most foreign travelers to Vietnam. Tourists can find suitable hotels in most travel destinations and beauty spots along the S-shaped country of Vietnam. The country welcomes all classes of tourists from business travelers, leisure travelers, and back-packers, etc. with a large hotel network ranging from luxury to budget ones. Do visit and find your favorite accommodation.


Vietnam in the eyes of foreign tourists – The past and present!

Vietnam is a beautiful country! Most tourists visiting the land are surprised by the marvelous untouched landscape. However, in the eyes of many travelers, Vietnam is not yet a peaceful place to visit since they implicitly assume that the vestiges of the long-lasting Vietnam War are still everywhere along this nation. It is surely that some tourists are hesitating to travel to this country as they still worry about the bombs or mines left.

Vietnam underwent a fierce and long war against the American empire and the French colonist, that’s true! The war had destroyed the country in a long time and the vestiges remains are still there. What these vestiges are! They are not the bombs or the mines left as thought by several foreign travelers. It can be assured that Vietnam is now one among the most peaceful country with amazing scenery and ever friendly locals. A large number of tourists traveling to Vietnam are curious and amazed at the historical vestiges, which are the museums, tombs, temples, and other historical places, without any danger from bombs or mines as thought.

Do come and experience the peaceful and beautiful land and erase the prejudice on this country. Vietnam promises to bring travelers from all over the world memorable trips with its long-standing history and diverse culture, all of which create a united and unique traditional land.  



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