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Sep 19th
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Bao Son Paradise

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The newly-open Bao Son Paradise Park in Hoai Duc District of Hanoi is the biggest entertainment and tourism complex in the North. Opened to the public in early September of 2008, the park help to quench local people’s thirst for entertainment and relaxation.


The 20ha entertainment and tourism complex, built at a total cost of US$50 million by the Bao Son Investment and Construction Group, consists of four main areas: traditional craft villages of Viet Nam, a replica of Ha Noi’s ancient quarters, the eco-tourism area and a culinary section offering cuisine from all corners of Viet Nam. The park opens up a new world for local visitors with a harmonious blend of both traditional and modern features.

Close eyes to each area...

The traditional craft village section features replicas of the 15 most well-known craft villages of Viet Nam, including Phu Lang pottery village, Van Phuc silk village and villages specializing in making craft products such as gemstone-inlaid pictures, bamboo and rattan-made handicrafts and embroidery. It reflects not only their craft methods but also their local setting and background.

The ancient quarter section features the daily activities of Hanoians during the early years of the 20 century. There are more than 20 old-style attached houses with roof tiles. Each house resembles a shop that sells various things such as clothing, watches, art works and beverages, displaying the lifestyles and business practices of old-school Hanoians.

The largest area of the park is the eco-tourism area which features an ocean world of more than 2,000 species of fish from different continents, including sharks, sea-calves and skates alongside various types of euphorbia. It also consists of a royal garden which boasts around 500 varieties of rare and precious orchids of Viet Nam and Southeast Asia and a museum displaying a large cross-section of butterflies and flowers from different countries around the world.

The culinary section offers visitors a wide range of choice from traditional Vietnamese dishes to Asian and European dishes. It features 31 food stores selling traditional specialties of all regions throughout the country such as pho (noodle), cha ca Hanoi (Hanoi-style grilled fish) and banh tom (crisp shrimp pastry), all of which can be found on street corners the length and breadth of the nation.

This Vietnamese version of Disneyland also hopes to attract both local and foreign tourists, particularly kids through its many games in the entertainment section, including a Ferris wheel, a discovery spacecraft area, a swimming pool and a 3D cinema. Children can watch exciting, fun-filled dolphin and seal shows, in two daily showings in the weekday and four showings on Saturday and Sunday. It also features a modern and multifunctional complex for public performances with a large stage and a viewing area for more than 7,000 people.

Promoting Vietnamese culture...

Bao Son Paradise Park provides you plenty of opportunities to learn about Vietnamese culture. You can glimpse into the past lives of Hanoians by crossing O Quan Chuong (Quan Chuong Gate) and stepping into the late 19th century and early 20th century. Here, you can buy traditional products on display in nearly 20 houses designed in traditional styles from that time in the old quarter.

Traditional craft villages in the park feature products typical to craft villages. Besides, there are banyan trees, water wells, and communal houses on display at each craft village. Moreover, you can enjoy performances of traditional songs, dances and music, and water puppetry. Bao Son Paradise Park also includes a 500-seat theatre, which can host variety shows and cultural exchange programmes. Its premises also feature an open-air and multipurpose stage which offer large entertainment shows and local as well as regional events.

The park was officially put into operation on September 7, 2008 and has so far attracted tens of thousands of visitors. "The park, about 12km from the heart of Hanoi, offers diverse entertainment services suitable for all ages," said Trinh Hoang Nam from Hanoi. Bao Son Paradise deserves the first international-standard theme park in North Vietnam!